Health & Wellness Genetic TestTM

by Advance Genomic Solutions
Understand Your Unique Makeup and Achieve Personal Health & Fitness Goals

Using the latest discoveries in genetic research, the AGS Health & Wellness Test profiles and analyzes many of the variations that make your genome unique in terms of optimal health and athletic performance.

You will discover what diet and exercises are best for you, find out which nutrients you may be deficient in, and learn about your appetite and food sensitivities. Possessing the knowledge of your genetic information can empower you to make informed decisions about your body and lifestyle.

What Will I learn From the Test

AGS Health & Wellness Genetic Test examines the following, which are influenced by your genes::
  • Increased blood cholesterol
  • Obesity and Body Mass Index
  • Relative resting metabolic rate
  • Fast twitch muscle fiber activity
  • Vitamin (eg. A, D) and folate / folic acid metabolism
  • Addictive behaviors
It also helps you better understand the interactions between your genes, diet and exercise for::
  • Sugar and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Alcohol and caffeine metabolism
  • Dietary fat intake and response to blood cholesterol
  • Lactose intolerance and bone health
  • Diabetes management
Knowledge is Power

Knowing your genetic information and working on lifestyle changes empower you to:

  • Increase endurance and athletic performance
  • Prevent chronic disease and live healthier
  • Achieve and maintain and healthy weight
  • Make effective lifestyle changes
  • Look and feel your best
Test Detail
Indication - Health & Wellness Genetic Test:
Obesity & BMI
Blood cholesterol
Metabolic Rate
Sugar and carbohydrate
Others in a Single Test
Sample Type: Mouth swab sample
Health & Wellness Genetic Test TM
Price: 4,800
  • Person "Buys" Test
  • Person Receieves test by post
  • Person swabs inside of mouth with mouth swabs
  • Person sends back kit in mail
  • Kit is analysed
  • Report is made ready-
  • Report posted to person
  • Explanation

In-Person Explanation: Person has option if in HK to attend explanation in person Remote Explanation : If not in Hong Kong, person receives report explanation by skype, whatsapp call, wechat call

Are the Results Actionable

For Food Selection

Displays the proper percentages of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins you should consume. AGS's Health & Wellness Genetic Test Allows for a tailored diet based on your own unique DNA

For Your Exercise and Activity

Displays the type of exercises most responsive to you. Learn your ideal comination of resistance and cardio training exercises. You can then tailor your workouts based on the ratio for better results.

For Your Health

Your Cholesterol and blood pressure etc. in relation with diet & exercise.

For your Vitamins

Take the guesswork out of what vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in. By adjusting your diet or using the right supplements, you can improve metabolismm, achieve better hormonal balance, boost energy, etc.
For children it can help guide changes to diet/supplements intake, thereby leading to improved concentration, development and appetite.

For Your Behaviour

Be aware of potential health & wellness risks; Understand your dietary nervous reponses such as tendencies towards food cravings/safiety, taste, sweet tooth, emotional eating habits, and addictive behaviour.